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Home - My favourite film: Sample review


One of my favourite films is Home. It is a comedy adventure animated movie that was released in 2015. It was directed by Tim Johnson. It stars Jim Parson as Oh and Rihanna as Tip. You can’t see them but you can hear their voices.

It portrays a fantastic story about the Boov, an alien species. They have to move from planet to planet to escape their enemies the Gorg. When the Boov arrive at Earth, they relocate all humans to Australia. However, a girl, Tip escapes the relocation, but not her mum. Tip and Oh meet when Oh is also escaping from the Boov. Oh needs to understand that being different is part of being humans. Oh decides to help Tip to go to Australia and find her mum. However, it is a difficult mission. They have to travel around the world and have a lot of adventures on the way! Oh has never been and adventurer because the Boovs never run risks, they usually calculate the risks and the rewards they can get.

The actors were very good. The music and special effects is also amazing. I think the best thing about the film are the details in the images and the funny jokes.

Don’t miss this incredibly funny story about invasions, friendship, promises and family love! It is a PG movie so I recommend it to everyone!