Author´s name:


 Title of work:


 Genre:               Fiction          Non-Fiction          Biography          Autobiography




 Purpose and Organization                                                                      

  1.  I stated my purpose clearly.

  2.  I organized my thoughts.

  3.  My work has a beginning, middle and end.

  4.  I chose words that helped make my point.


 Word/Sentence Use

  5.   I used some new vocabulary.

  6.   I wrote complete sentences.

  7.   I used correct subject-verb agreement.

  8.   I used the past tense correctly.



  9.   I spelled words correctly.

 10. I used capitals to start sentences.

 11. I used periods and question marks correctly.

 12. I indented paragraphs.



13. I read my paper aloud to a partner.

14. I asked a partner to read my paper.



Genre:           Poetry


  1. I used descriptive language in the poem.

  2. I used the required format (e.g. quatrain)

  3. I illustrated poem.

  4. I used nouns, verbs and adjectives.

  5. I presented the poem to the class.



Adaptado de O´Malley y Valdez, 1996